Home-School Co-operation

School Social Work Service


We participate in the “Nurturing Seed Kindergarten School Social Work Service” scheme and set up school-based social work service to supply preventive and developmental activities, early support to parents with needs and enhancing family function. Service provided for parents and children include periodical parents’ talks, preschool children’s groups and case service, etc. The school social worker acts as a bridge between school and families of these children, foster home-school cooperation and promote healthy development of their body and mind.


Scheme Objective

  1. Early identification of young children and their families with hidden crises, providing appropriate counselling and referral services.
  2. Cultivate young children to build positive emotions and healthy social development, and strengthen their resilience and problem-solving abilities.
  3. Provide emotional support and parent education to parents.
  4. Establish good parent-child relationship and promote family harmony.