Learning and Teaching

 “Playful Learning” Cultivation Plan



In recent years, Drama-in-Education is commonly used in preschool education everywhere. It is regarded as an effective teaching media for whole-person development, enhancing children’s aptitude to express, create, solve problems, nurture moral etc. Our school and the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre work in cooperation and join in the “Playful Learning” Cultivation Plan. The objective is to assist preschool children organizations to make use of Drama-in-Education to upgrade the school-based curriculum and teaching skill of teachers.


  • Teacher Training and Practice
    Every teaching staff attend the elementary Drama-in-Education knowledge and teaching skill lessons. With the opinion of overseas experts, we seek for an appropriate education module to foster further influence and sustainability of the Drama-in-Education on local preschool education.



  • Our kindergarten focuses on integrating play into the curriculum, using Drama-in-Education as strategy to optimize the teaching and learning tactic and develop better multiple intelligences teaching approach. Meantime, teachers use the Drama-in-Education as lesson planning skill in normal teaching and lead the children enjoy the fun in play.