Admission Procedure

Pre-Nursery Parent-child Playgroup


Attending kindergarten is a new stage for preschool children. Pleasant school life and relaxing learning promote them to lay solid life foundation. Hence, we devote effort to nurture children in school life adaptation, assist them acquaint in school life as early as possible and enhance their sense of belonging to the school, so as to help them transit to this new phase more easily.


  • We offer parent-child activities for children (one and a half years to three years old) not yet in the kindergarten once a month, with the target to promote children’s sense of safety and belonging, helping them fine-tune to future school life as soon as possible.


  • We specially arrange parent-child adaptation class once a month for registered pupils before school begins. Through joining the Chinese activities, music activities and art and craft activities, children can feel the school atmosphere. All teachers accompany the children on the Parent-child Interest and Game Day, they learn about the welcoming procedure of the Admission Day with the aim to let the children feel accepted and cared for, eliminate their uneasiness and fear, promoting closer and trusting relationships among children, parents and school.