Home-School Co-operation

Parent Information Station


(Smart Parent Net)

This website can provide parents with parenting information, including cultivation of parent-child relationship and character development, emotion management, study, health etc.


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(Parent Education Information at Kindergarten Stage)

This website can provide curriculum promoting children’s balanced development, home-school co-operation and related parents’ talks and courses. Parents can choose a quality kindergarten.


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(Parents Seminar)

The Education Bureau holds different types (at stages including kindergarten, primary school and secondary school) of lectures for parents to help them better know various education policies in detail. Parents can regularly check and participate in the lectures.


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(Health Information)

The website of Department of Health provides parents with information regarding the health of children of different ages, including parental education and the growth and development of children. 


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(Heep Hong Society)

The Heep Hong Society provides a number of supports and services, e.g. implementing forward-looking plans and developing educational resources to help children reach their full potential during the golden period of learning.


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(Healthy Seed Parenting)

(Traditional/Simplified Chinese only)

The Healthy Seed Parenting is committed to promoting the correct parenting knowledge and the full development of children aged 0-6. The website combines professional opinions of all parties to provide the latest, most correct and comprehensive information on child-rearing to novice parents and people from all walks in a multi-dimensional approach.


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(Education Services for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Students)

The Education Bureau provides various education services for NCS students and is committed to encouraging and supporting the early integration of NCS students (notably ethnic minority students) into the community


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(Lexical Lists for Chinese Learning in Hong Kong)

Lexical learning is the basis of learning Chinese language and literature education. The website contains interactive learning approaches, font, stroke data, pronunciation demonstration and lexical learning plans, to promote children’s language learning.


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