Learning and Teaching

Playgroup(Parent-child) activities


It is a new stage for children to attend the kindergarten. We provide a pleasant school life and a relaxing learning atmosphere to lay a foundation for the children’s life. Therefore, we strive to train children in enrollment adaptation to help them adapt to the school life as early as possible and enhance their sense of belonging in the kindergarten, so as to help them transit to a new stage more easily.


  • We offer parent-child activities for children (one and a half years to three years) not yet in the kindergarten once a month with a view to bringing children a sense of safety and a sense of belonging and helping them adapt to school life as soon as possible.


  • Before school begins, we specially provide parent-child adaptation class for prospective students once a month and offer Chinese activities, music activities and art activities to let children feel the school atmosphere. All of our teachers will accompany the children on the day of interest and game activities and learn about measures about how to welcome children on admission day, in order to let the children feel accepted and cared, eliminate their uneasiness and fear and promote a closer trust relationship between children, parents and school.